Novation Circuit Mono Station – 2017

A paraphonic analogue synthesiser derived from Novation’s Bass Station II. My role in this project was as the Lead Product Designer. A role which saw me primarily focussed on interaction design and design of the high-level synthesis architecture.

It was a challenging but exciting project that culminated in a novel device within Novation’s product range. Notably, this is Novation’s first foray into the world of control voltage sequencing.


Novation Peak – 2017

Perhaps one of the most exciting products I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked on. Peak is an eight-voice polyphonic analogue digital hybrid synth.

I can’t take credit for Peak’s incredible sonic qualities, that’s down to the work of the fantastic engineers involved in this project. I was however responsible for the interface and interaction design.


Launchpad App for iPhone – 2015

An app which enables those new to music production to create studio-quality electronic music.

This was one of my first design projects at Novation. I took the design through several rounds of user experience testing. The interface design was very much a collaborative effort with Novation’s App Development Team.