Lab Notes: 24/09/18

The picture above shows the prototype I completed in preparation for the 2018 One-Handed Musical Instrument Trust (OHMI) conference. If you look closely, a few features have been added that were not previously discussed. For instance, there are 3.6mm jack connectors which provide a means for connecting standard accessibility switches to the device, controlling playback, … Continue reading Lab Notes: 24/09/18

Lab Notes: 21/08/18

Voice Recorder Module Schematic from the Manual

In pursuit of my goal of creating custom parts to use in Eagle, I stumbled across a three-part tutorial series published by Autodesk. This tutorial series details how to create, packages and symbols, and how to link the two together in a device. I soon discovered that a package is the physical layout of a component … Continue reading Lab Notes: 21/08/18