Lab Notes: 26/07/18

ISD1820 Voice Recorder Module

Recently I returned to the ISD1820 Voice Recorder Module schematic I’ve been in the process of designing. I decided to test the circuit on a breadboard, results were mixed. I found it was quite straightforward to add an L78L05 voltage regulator to the design as shown below: The L78L05 datasheet suggests placing capacitors between both … Continue reading Lab Notes: 26/07/18

Lab Notes: 16/06/18

PN2222 Transistors

Todays lab session saw me looking into the unreliable behaviour of the ISD1820 Voice Recorder Module when attempting to record whilst the loop switch is active. The datasheet states that the record function takes precedence over every other function, so providing the record pin is high the device should record. Therefore, I assume that the … Continue reading Lab Notes: 16/06/18